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Sparkmarker "Products & Accessories"

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, the frontrunners of Canada's '90s post-hardcore scene, Sparkmarker had a seven-year run that saw them tour North America and Europe before calling it quits in 1997. Originally self-released on CD on their Final Notice label in 1994, this long out-of-print collection is finally seeing it's first vinyl release. For fans of Farside and Sense Field. New pressing now available on blue with black smoke vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Levi's Deklein
2. Sleeping With The T.V. On
3. Memorenda
4. Character 1
5. Speaking Of Heroes
6. Instrumental
7. So Long
8. The Way She Moves
9. Kansas
10. Tamarack
11. Pull The Carpet
12. Send Me Symmetry
13. Pinching