Another City Records


Snuffed "Coping Human Waste"


Chicago, IL, band Snuffed play a style of hardcore that can only truly be forged from life in the Midwest. The band released the "Mind's Eye" EP in 2018 and the "Skincrawler/Rats Of Sympathy" demo in 2019 before spending the better part of the pandemic perfecting their craft in preparation of releasing their debut full-length, "Coping Human Waste," via Another City Records. For fans of Outbreak, Gouge Away, Punch, and Urban Waste. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Circle Of Dust
2. Grievances
3. If You Resent
4. Coping Human Waste Pt. 1
5. Flock
6. Soft Moments
7. Emotionally Infested
8. Pesticide
9. Coping Human Waste Pt 2
10. Hot Probs