Indecision Records


Skullcrack "Addicted To The Underground"


The sophomore full-length release from Orange County, CA's Skullcrack. Eleven tracks of unrelenting hardcore that prove to be the band's best material to date. Recorded during the downtime of the pandemic, "Addicted To The Underground" is a crossover lovers' dream with an endless barrage of chunky riffs courtesy of Eddie Oropeza (who you might know from his work in ACxDC and Fireburn over the years). Vinyl version limited to 500 copies. CD includes two additional tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Stuck On Repeat
2. Worthless
3. Not For Sale
4. Extinct
5. The Real Enemy
6. Off The Deep End
7. Cutting Heads
8. Let It Burn
9. Death & Decay
10. Addicted To The Underground
11. Sentenced To Debt
12. Revenge On Wall Street (CD only bonus track)
13. Bring Back The Guillotine (CD only bonus track)