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Sin 34 "Do You Feel Safe?"


Sin 34's only full-length, "Do You Feel Safe?," captured the band in their short-lived prime. Originally released in 1983 and only re-pressed once in a super-limited run in 2014, then quickly going back out of print. But, thanks to PNV, it's back in print with updated and deluxe packaging.

Track Listing:

1. Do You Feel Safe?
2. After You
3. War At Home
4. Barbie & Ken
5. Say We Suck
6. Not
7. Live Or Die
8. New Wave Slut
9. Left Waiting
10. Forgive And Forget
11. Two Words
12. Join The Race
13. Turn On - Tune In - Drop Out
14. Nothin' Makes Sense
15. Uncontrollable Urge
16. Out Of Sight (bonus track)
17. Permanently Wasted (bonus track)
18. Restrictions (bonus track)