Iron Lung Records


S.H.I.T. "What Do You Stand For?"

Subtle terminology is trite, so to get to the point: S.H.I.T.'s LP blurs by in under 20 minutes of thrashing, hardcore gristle. Gone are the telltale training wheels of delayed vocals and endless layers of feedback, here now are the tighter, louder songs we'd hoped S.H.I.T. would write. A piercing, musical rallying cry for the listless and ever-approaching bulldoze march of the future, wrapped in cellophane transfers of melted early hardcore and the best of the last decade's fresh take on simplicity and power. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Spectacle
2. Algorithm
3. Destiny
4. Self Control?
5. Fixed
6. The Organism
7. Automatic
8. Cooker
9. Human Kindness
10. Dis War On Psyche
11. Losing In The 21st Century