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Shelter "The Purpose, The Passion"


Although Shelter planned to break up in 2001 after their comeback record, "When 20 Summers Pass," the legendary band from New York City belted out another full-length titled "The Purpose, The Passion." The album's hard-hitting, punk-rock sound pairs perfectly with vocalist Ray Cappo's catchy melodies. The completely remastered version of "The Purpose, The Passion" is now available on vinyl for the first time in over 20 years with a completely redesigned, die-cut cover, with two covers to choose from. Imported from Germany.  Now available on picture disc

Track Listing:

1. True North
2. The Greater Plan
3. The Anatomy Of Us
4. The Value Of Sitting With Myself
5. We Can Make It Through
6. Wish List
7. Working Miracles
8. What's Keeping Them Alive?
9. The Purpose, The Passion
10. Gift Of Pain
11. Inner Garden
12. Simplified
13. Room To Breathe
14. Varmer Upp
15. We Are The Chosen
16. If It Ever Heals At All