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Shelter "Quest For Certainty"


"Quest For Certainty" is considered by many to be the best Shelter record ever. Originally released in 1992, it is comprised of tracks from the "No Compromise" and "In Defense Of Reality" EPs with a track from the "Voice Of The Voiceless" compilation, a Black Sabbath cover outtake from those sessions, and two live tracks. The record was recorded by two different line-ups featuring Ray Cappo (Youth Of Today, Better Than A Thousand), Vic Dicara (Inside Out, 108), Porcell (Youth Of Today, Judge, Gorilla Biscuits), Graham Land (Better Than A Thousand, Battery), and Sammy Siegler (Youth Of Today, CIV, World Be Free, Judge, Rival Schools). Now available again on colored vinyl. The RevHQ exclusive version of this release includes a silkscreened cover and is hand-numbered out of 210 copies.

210 Blue With Black Splatter And Silkscreened Cover (RevHQ Exclusive) SOLD OUT
550 White

Track Listing:

1. In Defense Of Reality
2. Quest For Certainty
3. The News
4. After Forever
5. Freewill
6. Saranagati
7. A Society Based On Bodies (live)
8. Death And Dying (live)