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Sex Prisoner / Harm Done "Split"

This split between Arizona's Sex Prisoner and France's Harm Done is an audible story of the anger you have after the worst day of your life. Each band produces four songs to brutalize your eardrums and make you rethink stepping outside. The Sex Prisoner side is angry and moshy, and Harm Done has a bit more of a metallic hardcore sound that almost sounds a bit Cro-Mags at times. Now available on CD and cassette. CDep and cassette versions limited to 200 copies. Imported from France.

Track Listing:

1. Sex Prisoner - Dark Mind
2. Sex Prisoner - Power Violence Wonderland
3. Sex Prisoner - Tropical Island
4. Sex Prisoner - Vengeance Dad
5. Harm Done - Force Fed
6. Harm Done - Anhedonia
7. Harm Done - Endless Fall
8. Harm Done - Loneliness