Revelation Records


Sense Field "s/t"


Formed by members of Reason To Believe, Sense Field pioneered the way for all emotional hardcore bands to follow. They toured with bands like Jimmy Eat World, Far, Texas Is The Reason, Dashboard Confessional and recently reunited as part of the Revelation Records 25th anniversary shows. This self-titled LP compiled the band's two original, self-released EPs along with two additional tracks the band recorded shortly thereafter into one neat little package. New pressing now available on orange vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download of this record.

Track Listing:

1. Trip Poem
2. Dreams
3. Sage
4. Chimney
5. Voice
6. Nova
7. Soft
8. Familiar
9. Ideity
10. Strung
11. Found You
12. River
13. Greater Than
14. First Things First