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Seized Up "Modify The Sacred"



Featuring an impressive pedigree including members of Bl'ast!, Good Riddance, The Distillers, and Fast Asleep, the band picks up right where they left off on their 2020, debut full-length, "Brace Yourself," with a ten-song barrage of relentless, uncompromising rage, touching on topics such as religion, self-medication, and survival in a - literally and figuratively - sick society. All in all, it is a continuation of the band's fast and hard approach in every way, and if anything, the band is more dialed-in and focused than ever. The band also re-recorded "Forum Of Decay," from their 2021 7", wishing for it to be featured on the album with the laser tightness the band is now playing with after five years as a unit.

Track Listing:

1. Deathweb
2. Forum Of Decay
3. Force Fed Hate
4. Omen Of Despair
5. What You Kill
6. Turn Christian And Move Inland
7. Hanging In The Balance
8. Mindfield
9. United In Frustration
10. Forged In Fire