Dischord Records


Scream "Still Screaming"

Re-pressed for the first time in over a decade, the debut full-length from Washington, DC's Scream is finally seeing the light again on vinyl. This LP, produced by Ian MacKaye and Eddie Janney of Faith, shows the band's advanced musicianship and rock 'n' roll sensibility while still maintaining the speed and punk fury that characterized the early-'80s DC bands. LP includes free album download.

Track Listing:

1. Came Without Warning
2. Bedlam
3. Solidarity
4. Your Wars/Killer
5. Piece Of Her Time
6. Human Behavior
7. Stand
8. Fight/American Justice
9. New Song
10. Laissez-Faire
11. Influenced
12. Hygiene
13. Cry Wolf
14. Total Mash
15. Who Knows - Who Cares?
16. Amerarockers
17. U.Suck A./We're Fed Up