Mankind Records


S.B.V. "Raw Nerve"

S.B.V. - Silent But Violent - a name that somewhat contradicts the music and message of the band it's used to describe. "Raw Nerve," their debut LP on Mankind Records, is 14 tracks of hardcore/punk that musically echoes the anger and rage of early '80s acts such as Bad Religion, 7 Seconds and Uniform Choice, making them anything but "silent." And with intelligent and thought-provoking lyrcis, S.B.V. are also the furthest thing from "violent," as the topics they cover lend themselves towards a thematic whole that is ultimately paranoid, fightened and critical of the world around us.

Track Listing:

1. Food For Thought
2. The Sunday Collector
3. Carpetburn
4. Maidens And Machines
5. Diamonds Or Dirt
6. Nothing Else Is On
7. Grey Matters
8. Deformities Of Beauty
9. Walking On Eggshells
10. Roach Stomper
11. Otherbaby
12. Closet Case
13. Excuse Me, But Haven't We Met Before?
14. Serenity Now!