Secret Voice


Saetia "Collected"


Saetia disbanded after only three years (1997-2000), but in that short amount of time they created music that would live on to become the forefront of the genre. In their short time, Saetia released a demo cassette, two 7"s, and one full-length with pressings of very small numbers. Originally released in 2016, this collection finally made available the entire discography for vinyl lovers. Now available again on vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Track Listing:

1. Notres Langues Nous Trompes
2. The Sweetness And The Light
3. An Open Letter
4. Woodwell
5. Corporeal
6. Ariadne's Thread
7. From The Firmament
8. Postlapsaria
9. Endymion
10. The Poet You Never Were
11. Roquentin
12. Some Natures Catch No Plagues
13. The Burden Of Reflecting (demo)
14. Closed Hands (demo)
15. Venus And Bacchus (demo)
16. One Dying Wish (demo)
17. Becoming The Truth