Twelve Gauge Records


Sabertooth Zombie "Midnight Venom"

This is the long-awaited vinyl pressing of Sabertooth Zombie's "Midnight Venom" from 2006, a Bay Area, CA, hardcore staple that set the tone for pushing back against authority and the very same systems of oppression that we're fighting against today. It was never meant to be pressed to vinyl but is being done in order to raise money for the fight for black and brown liberation. Now available on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. D.O.A.
2. Shoes
3. Decayed Decade
4. Flee Creep And Cheat
5. Automatic Minds. Dangerous Lives.
6. Fragments
7. Gallows
8. American Eyes Part One (Black Of Mouth)
9. Rotten
10. I'm Fucking Disgusted
11. Self Mouthed
12. Seven Swords
13. Get Bent
14. Live In Hell Rot In Dirt.
15. Lady Death Is Into Hotrods And Meth Addicts
16. Giant
17. American Eyes Part Two (Rat Bones)