Flatspot Records


Rule Them All "Dreams About..."

Rule Them All was created with one goal in mind: deliver gimmick-free hardcore that speaks truth to power. In the fall of 2019, the band stands ready to release their most thought-provoking batch of songs yet in the form of their upcoming EP, "Dreams About...," on Flatspot Records. This five-song manifesto, tracked by Chris Rini at Shellshock Audio and mixed and mastered by Brian McTernan, seamlessly integrates modern production, NYHC aggression, and Revolution Summer ambition to form a potent concoction that will undoubtedly leave its mark on the hardcore genre for years to come. Now available again on colored vinyl with updated cover artwork. 7" includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Dreams About...
2. Look Inward
3. Teacher
4. Doomed To Consume
5. The Alienation