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Roger Miret & The Disasters "My Riot"

On September 10th, 2001, the Disasters released their self titled album and have been on tour ever since spreading their message, the voice of true street punk and street rock 'n roll. Their new album, "My Riot," sees the band exploring even more styles than ever before, including Reggae, acoustic and straight up rock 'n roll. With the release of "My Riot," Roger Miret & The Disasters are ready to hit the road and once again prove that there is still a place in the world for true, honest street punk, rock 'n roll.

Track Listing:

1. Warning! Warning!
2. Roots Rockin' Roll
3. My Riot
4. NoHo SoHo
5. Ramones
6. Janie And Johnny
7. Everything I Do
8. Once Were Warriors
9. Straightjacket
10. Fxxk You
11. R.F.F.R
12. Pride
13. Emily
14. Another Generation
15. T.V News