Run For Cover Records


Rival Schools "United By Fate: Deluxe Edition"


Rival Schools and Run For Cover Records have teamed up to reissue the band's iconic, 2001 album, "United By Fate." Rival Schools started as the once-new project of vocalist/guitarist Walter Schreifels, who as a member of Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, and Quicksand, routinely reinvented the sound of hardcore. "United By Fate" was a turning point - offering melodies rather than the abject fury and aggression of those earlier bands - and the result echoes still today serving as an influence for bands in the hardcore world and beyond. The "United By Fate" deluxe edition features an additional disc with ten extra bonus tracks. This includes every official "United By Fate" B-side, all Rival Schools tracks from their 2001 split with Onelinedrawing (never before released on vinyl) as well as a never before heard acoustic version of the song "Holding Sand" performed by Walter in Berlin. More so, this is housed in a hard-cover linen case with stamped lettering, holding a hardcover, 64-page book featuring handwritten lyrics and never-before-seen photos from the band's personal archives. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Travel By Telephone
2. Everything Has Its Point
3. High Acetate
4. Undercovers On
5. Good Things
6. Used For Glue
7. World Invitational
8. The Switch
9. Holding Sand
10. My Echo
11. Favorite Star
12. So Down On
13. Hooligans For Life
14. Sweet (bonus track)
15. Get Centered (bonus track)
16. Grunge Model (bonus track)
17. Accept A Compliment (bonus track)
18. On Vacations (bonus track)
19. Green Is Good (bonus track)
20. Take One For The Team (bonus track)
21. Where I'm From (bonus track)
22. Contraire (bonus track)
23. Holding Sand (acoustic version) (bonus track)