Run For Cover Records


Rival Schools "Pedals"



Rival Schools and Run For Cover Records have once again been "united by fate" to release the band's 2011 sophomore full-length, "Pedals," available for the first time on vinyl in years. The album's artwork has been updated with new gatefold packaging and a slip-case cover along with an updated set of lyrics and liner notes. In addition to all ten original tracks, the second disc of this edition includes three unreleased B-sides and four live tracks. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 200 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Wring It Out
2. 69 Guns
3. Eyes Wide Open
4. Choose Your Adventure
5. Racing To Red Lights
6. Shot After Shot
7. A Parts For B Actors
8. Big Waves
9. Small Doses
10. The Ghost Is Out There
11. You Should Have Hung Out
12. Arranged Marriages
13. Paranoid Detectives
14. Wring It Out
15. 69 Guns
16. Small Doses
17. The Ghost Is Out There