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Rich Dolinger / Shawna Kenney "Live At The Safari Club" - Book

"Live At The Safari Club: A History Of harDCore In The Nation's Capital 1988-1998" is the uncensored oral history of a notorious underground punk venue in the nation's capital, told by the very bands, fans, zinesters, promoters, graffiti artists, scenesters, senators' kids and activists who made it happen. From 1988 to 1997, the Safari Club was Washington, DC's version of New York's iconic CBGBs. An Ethiopian restaurant by day turned-Go-Go club on Saturday nights, this windowless dive deep in the heart of the city then known as the "murder capital of the world" transformed into an all-ages venue every Sunday afternoon. The matinee shows were packed, sometimes 400 sweaty teenagers deep, featuring the best local and touring straight edge, hardcore, punk, metal, oi and ska bands of the time. New York bands Sick Of It All, Murphy's Law, Bold, Earth Crisis and Gorilla Biscuits played their first DC shows on the Safari's tiny mirrored stage. Southern California's Chain Of Strength, Insted and Strife all breezed through at least once, while local legends Ignition, Kingface, Swiz, Battery, Damnation A.D. and Government Issue screamed for change there, as well. More mainstream artists like rapper KRS-1 and Lars Fredriksen of Rancid even popped in for gigs.