Edgewood Records


Red Vision "Stake Your Claim"

The debut LP, "Stake Your Claim," from Virginia's Red Vision is for any fan of the classics that isn't looking for just another copy of a band of yesteryear. There are slight nods to the legends of NYHC and perhaps even more blatant respects paid to Slapshot, but "Stake Your Claim" sounds all its own. If you're looking for straight-forward hardcore that isn't afraid to be irreverent, "Stake Your Claim" is the release for you. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Don't Blame Me
2. Sell Out
3. Lifelong War
4. Damage Done
5. The Problem
6. Mortality Complex
7. One Way Out
8. Malicious Intent
9. Stake Your Clam
10. Take It Personal