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Red Handed "Wounds Remain"

Red Handed's debut full-length is 14 tracks full of raging, pissed off hardcore punk from the San Francisco Bay Area. Following in the footsteps of The Nerve Agents and Outbreak, this band combines a similar formula of raw hardcore riffs, punk rock rhythm, and angry vocals. It's no secret that these guys love Black Flag, early '80s hardcore, and all things Dischord, and this record is the evidence.

Track Listing:

1. Wounds Remain
2. Losing Sleep
3. Pulling Teeth
4. Light The Match
5. Room 13
6. Forecast
7. Maggots And Snakes
8. RH Army
9. Crashing Down
10. Differences
11. Time Is Up
12. My Rules
13. Other Side
14. 17 Years