Hellcat Records


Rancid "s/t (2000)"

From its ominous, xeroxed album cover, to the barely legible lyric sheet to the sheer chaos invoked by the music, "s/t (2000)" (as the second self-titled LP has come to be known) is "paint-peeling punk rock of the highest order." Produced by long-time friend and producer Brett Gurewitz, most of the 22 songs clock in at well under two minutes, and there are absolutely no ballads. Guitars are driven to within inches of meltdown, the bass burns with the signature maniacal virtuosity of Matt Freeman, and the vocals are delivered with raging conviction.

Track Listing:

1. Don Giovanni
2. Disgruntled
3. It's Quite Alright
4. Let Me Go
5. I Am Forever
6. Poison
7. Loki
8. Blackhawk Down
9. Rwanda
10. Corruption
11. Antennas
12. Rattlesnake
13. Not To Regret
14. Radio Havana
15. Axiom
16. Black Derby Jacket
17. Meteor Of War
18. Dead Bodies
19. Rigged On A Fix
20. Young Al Capone
21. Reconciliation
22. GGF