Indecision Records


Pushed Aside "s/t"

Hardcore was in full swing in the late '80s in Orange County, as was represented by Pushed Aside. This vinyl pressing of their demo from 1989 is a glimpse into this under-rated band's brief existence as they played such legendary shows as "The Icemen Cometh" with Slapshot, No For An Answer, and Hard Stance which was released as a live 7" on now-defunct Nemesis Records as well as gracing the "Generation Of Hope" compilation alongside Chain Of Strength, Brotherhood, Against The Wall, and others. Featured original Ignite vocalist Randy Johnson on vocals as well as a future member of the Jokers hockey team.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Locked Out
3. Status
4. World Of My Own
5. End It
6. Stand By