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Pure Hell "Noise Addiction"


"Noise Addiction" was recorded in 1978 and remained unreleased until 2006, quickly going out print. A long-lost and forgotten slice of first-wave American punk. The album is a tour de force of fierce, rocking, punk 'n' roll with amazing guitar ferocity and slamming rhythms. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Noise Addiction
2. Hard Action
3. Lame Brain
4. I Feel Bad
5. Wild One
6. Rot In the Doghouse
7. No Rules
8. Thrillers Of Oz
9. Spoiled Sport
10. Courageous Cat
11. These Boots Are Made For Walking
12. American
13. The Girl With The Hungry Eyes
14. I Want Your Body
15. Future