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PUP "Morbid Stuff"

"Morbid Stuff" features 11 new songs that ooze passion, emotion, and raw energy. This album captures the chaotically catchy, visceral sound that has already made PUP punk-rock torchbearers and critical favorites, and continues to push and propel their music to the next level. "Morbid Stuff" is sure to draw in old and new fans alike to sing and shout along and share in the full experience of listening to PUP. LP includes MP3 digital download card.

Track Listing:

1. Morbid Stuff
2. Kids
3. Free At Last
4. See You At Your Funeral
5. Scorpion Hill
6. Closure
7. Bloody Mary, Kate And Ashley
8. Sibling Rivalry
9. Full Blown Meltdown
10. Bare Hands
11. City