To Live A Lie Records


Prayer For Cleansing "The Rain In Darkness Fall"


North Carolina's Prayer For Cleansing was a big part of a metalcore resurgence that was happening in the Southeast in the late '90s. The band's 1999 full-length, "The Rain In Endless Fall," became an instant classic of the genre. Foregoing the polished Tribunal Records remix and remaster from 2003, To Live A Lie Records has gone back to the old-school, original mix and has given it a much bigger sound with a new, 2022 remastering by Nick Townsend.

Track Listing:

1. A Dozen Black Roses
2. Feinbhas A Ghabhail
3. Winter's Gloom
4. A Dead Soul Born
5. Sonnet
6. Violent Waves
7. Destiny Of Culture
8. Chalice Of Repentance
9. Bael Na Mblath
10. Sleep Eternal