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Portrayal Of Guilt / Slow Fire Pistol "Split"

Portrayal Of Guilt and Slow Fire Pistol are two of heavy music's most compelling up-and-coming bands, with the defining sounds of both groups rooted in their unique abilities to deftly mine the depths of hardcore's many subgenres and draw influence while avoiding nostalgia. Formed in 2017 and based in Austin, Texas, Portrayal Of Guilt (guitarist/vocalist Matt King, drummer James Beveridge, and bassist Alex Stanfield) has quickly gained attention for their punishing sound that pulls from many corners of aggressive music. Atlanta, Georgia's Slow Fire Pistol began shortly before Portrayal Of Guilt, with its members (guitarist/vocalist Hank Pratt, guitarist Ben Jordan, bassist Connor McFall, and drummer Blake Hall) also sharing roots in hardcore and an appreciation of first-wave screamo.

Track Listing:

1. Portrayal Of Guilt - The End Of Man Will Bring Peace To This Earth
2. Slow Fire Pistol - Heart Of Discernment