Bridge Nine Records


Polar Bear Club "The Redder, The Better"

"The Redder, The Better" showcases the band's not-so-humble beginnings, as this was their EP release before the critically acclaimed full-length "Sometimes Things Just Disappear" back in 208. Called "absolutely spectacular post-hardcore" by Alternative Press, Polar Bear Club effortlessly seams together the sounds of '90s punk and hardcore - akin to bands like Lifetime and Hot Water Music - with a refreshingly 2000's style and their own personal twist. "The Redder, The Better" is an inevitable classic that's sure to please fans of many different music genres - punk, hardcore, emo and everything else in between. 12"ep includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Election Day
2. Resent And Resistance
3. His Devotte
4. Parked In The Parking Lot Of Your Heart
5. Most Miserable Life