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Plizzken "Do You Really Wanna Know?"


Plizzken is back in a big way with their eagerly anticipated second full-length, "Do You Really Wanna Know?" Combining street-level punk rock 'n' roll with a genuine pop sensibility and a rabble-rousing spirit, executed with the chops of seasoned players, "Do You Really Wanna Know?" is truly a record that will have old fans dancing and singing along with fists in the air, hand in hand with what is certain to be an army of new ones. For fans of Stomper 98, Rancid, Noi!se, Bishops Green, The Oppressed, and Oxymoron.

Track Listing:

1. On The Hunt
2. One More Time
3. Nassau Nightlife
4. Memory Lane
5. Mad World
6. In The Mirror
7. I Don't Wanna
8. Life Won't Wait
9. Enough Is Enough
10. Off To Reality
11. Do You Really Wanna Know?
12. A Thousand Names
13. Me And My Friends