Pennywise "Straight Ahead"

If ever an album title succinctly expressed the essence of the recording, this is it. From the typically anthem-like opening track ("Greed"), Pennywise's fifth full-length is about as straight ahead as they come. While hardly offering a moment's rest between songs, the band shows a developing maturity in writing arrangements that manages to avoid always settling for the obvious tricks without sacrificing aggression. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Greed
2. My Own Country
3. Can't Believe It
4. Victim Of Reality
5. Might Be A Dream
6. Still Can Be Great
7. Straight Ahead
8. My Own Way
9. One Voice
10. Alien
11. Watch Me As I Fall
12. Just For You
13. Can't Take Anymore
14. American Dream
15. Need More
16. Never Know
17. Badge Of Pride