Bridge Nine Records


Panic "Strength In Solitude"

Formed in 2000 by the singer of Boston, MA's celebrated streetpunk band The Trouble and backed by original members of Boston's groundbreaking hardcore band American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) and now-Virgin Records punkers The Explosion, Panic was one of the fastest, angriest bands in the city. They released two EPs on Bridge Nine Records and broke up in mid-202. Forward four years, and Panic is back, after playing a reunion show in Holland and getting back on their feet, they've reformed and to support this rebirth, Bridge Nine has collected their now out-of-print EPs and three-song demo on one release. Now available again on colored vinyl with six additional tracks. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Written In Stone
2. Strength In Solitude
3. I Watch You Sleep
4. Lighthouse
5. Force It 'Til You Hear It Snap
6. I Walk The Same Way Home Every Night
7. My Favorite Mistake Was You
8. Turn Cold
9. Into The Reasons
10. Our Choice Is Made
11. Pale
12. Fall On Proverb
13. Rise (LP only bonus track)
14. Ramparts (LP only bonus track)
15. Shadow Park (LP only bonus track)
16. Hello Young Lions (LP only bonus track)
17. Involvers (LP only bonus track)
18. Wolves Circle Wolves (LP only bonus track)
19. Face Myself (demo)
20. Distance (demo)
21. I Walk The Same Way Home Every Night (demo)
22. Think Ahead (live) (previously unreleased)