Persistent Vision Records


Pageninetynine "Singles"


After being out of print for over a decade, Pageninetynine and Persistent Vision Records have partnered to reissue the band's "Singles" full-length to make this collection available for a new generation of fans. The "Singles" collection documents a band that was constantly experimenting and organically growing within the realm of heavy music. The collection brings together all of the band's non-album material including their original demo tape, an early 6" EP, a compilation track, and split 7"s with Enemy Soil, City Of Caterpillar, Circle Takes The Square, Reactor No. 7, and Process Is Dead, spanning the band's original run from 1997 to 2003.

Track Listing:

1. Goodbye Face
2. Calm Song
3. The Lonesome Waltz Of Leonard Cohen
4. The List
5. The Sobering Moment Of One Single Violin
6. You And Your Lumbering Body Of Death
7. Goin South
8. Cip Len Rae
9. More Complicated Than A Sci-Fi Flic
10. Diagram For A Suicide
11. Mary Get Your Knife
12. The Longer Now
13. Wood And Ink
14. Machine Revisited
15. A Classic Case Of...
16. My Application To Heaven
17. More Complicated Than A Sci-Fi Flic
18. A Gun