Dark Operative


Pageninetynine "Document #7"


"Document #7" is a unique piece in the Pageninetynine catalog. Five songs in length, it plays out over the course of 25.5 minutes with two tracks right around a minute apiece, one clocking in at around four, and the other two being much longer at eight and 11 apiece. Originally issued on Magic Bullet Records in 2002, this version of the full-length is a split release between Dark Operative (a new company from the creative team behind Magic Bullet Records) and Yr Screaming Youth (a new label from Pageninetynine guitarist Mike Taylor). Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Living In The Skeleton Of A Happy Memory
2. Del Mundo Lleno Del Rocia
3. The Mangled Hand
4. Love Goes Tisk... Tisk... Tisk...
5. A Sonnet To Both Ugly And Murderous