Painkiller Records


Outpatients "Readmitted"


Sixteen tracks of fast 'n' furious hardcore punk from the wastelands of Western Massachusetts, compiling various demos, compilation tracks, and unreleased cuts circa 1983-1985. Includes a 12" x 24" poster insert with photos, flyers, and extensive liner notes by xXx Fanzine editor Mike Gitter.

Track Listing:

1. Backwards Explosion
2. Fight
3. G.P.D.
4. J.O.C.
5. Land Of The Lost
6. Cover Girl
7. Go Play
8. Backwards Birthday
9. Light Blue
10. TV Violence
11. Push-Button Warfare
12. Balloon Head
13. Jenny Gurd
14. Barriers To Bridges
15. Little Kings
16. Zombie Tyme