Get Better Records


Open City "Hands In The Honey Jar"


Simply, Open City is a group of experienced rockers who have worked and lived through many eras of punk and hardcore. Their range of influences reflects both those lived experiences as well as their different knowledges of themselves as artists. Of these influences, vocalist Rachel Rubino has no pretense with the expression of all they connect within the world of music, and with what they and the rest of Open City worked to achieve with their upcoming Get Better Records released full-length, "Hands In The Honey Jar."

Track Listing:

1. Gassed
2. Lukewarm
3. Fever Dream
4. Blitz Kids Stay Sick
5. No One Thinks About You More Than You
6. Return Your Stolen Property Is Theft
7. Bobby
8. Carry Us
9. Destined
10. Everything
11. Wolf