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Nothing "The Great Dismal"

"The Great Dismal," Nothing's new full-length album, explores existentialist themes of isolation, extinction, and human behavior in the face of 2020's vast wasteland. Closing in on the band's ten-year mark, frontman Domenic Palermo finds himself stringing together songs of misanthropic tales of Philadelphia, PA, with a refined and refreshed take on Nothing's classic sound. With a radical cast of talented contributors such as harpist Mary Lattimore, classical musician Shelley Weiss, and singer/songwriter/producer Alex G., "The Great Dismal" showcases yet another essential side of the band's trademark American post-shoegaze.

Track Listing:

1. A Fabricated Life
2. Say Less
3. April Ha Ha
4. Catch A Fade
5. Famine Asylum
6. Bernie Sanders
7. In Blueberry Memories
8. Blue Mecca
9. Just A Story
10. Ask The Rust