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Noi!se "Pushing On"

Noi!se formed in Seattle, WA in the summer of 2009 and the chemistry was immediate as all band members had extremely varied influences but a common vision to make quality, melodic oi!/streetpunk that reflected the band's perspective of the world around them. This is a compilation of all previously vinyl-only releases by the band including the sold out debut, "Walk Beside Us" 7" EP, and the "This Is Who We Are" 10" EP that have both sold 500+ units worldwide and are in their third and second pressings respectively. For fans of Templars, Perkele, Fucked Up, Embrace, The Cliches, Beltones and Sydney Ducks. New pressing now available on clear vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Idle Action
2. Coming Storm
3. Reality TV
4. Living For Today
5. Brothers In Arms
6. Warrior Down
7. Take 'Em All
8. This Is Who We Are
9. On The Outside
10. What Happened To The Kids?
11. Blame
12. Pushing On
13. Reason Why
14. Walk Beside Us
15. War (previously unreleased)