NOFX "Ribbed"

Before NOFX became the fathers of humorous but hard-edged punk rock, they were just four pretty obnoxious Californians with a penchant for fast music and dirty jokes. "Ribbed" isn't exactly the group's breakthrough into content filled rock, but their typically hard-edged punk has enough dirty humor that anyone with their mind in the gutter should at least get few smirks over the course of the record.

Track Listing:

1. Green Corn
2. The Moron Brothers
3. Showerdays
4. Food, Sex & Ewe
5. Just The Flu
6. El Lay
7. New Boobs
8. Cheese
9. Where's My Slice
10. Together On The Sand
11. Nowhere
12. Brain Constipation
13. Gonoherpasyphilaids
14. I Don't Want You Around
15. The Malachi Crunch