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NOFX "Double Album"


2021 saw the release of NOFX's highly acclaimed, 14th studio album, "Single Album." What fans didn't know then is "Single Album" is only one half of what has ultimately become NOFX's very first double album, the second half of which is aptly titled "Double Album." Reuniting with punk-rock legends Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore for producer/engineering/mixing duties, it's not hyperbolic to say NOFX is making their best music now. Now available on vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Darby Crashing Your Party
2. My Favorite Enemy
3. Don't Count On Me
4. Johanna Constant Teen
5. Punk Rock Cliche
6. Fuck Day Six
7. Is It Too Soon If Time Is Relative?
8. Alcopollack
9. Three Against Me
10. Gone With The Heroined