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No Retreat "Pray For Peace"


Forming in 1993, No Retreat was one of Pennsylvania's heaviest beatdown hardcore bands, mixing heavy riffs with death-metal like vocals that incited huge pits everywhere they played. 2023 marks the 20-year anniversary of their second (and unfortunately last) full-length album, "Pray For Peace." Recorded in a basement in Pittsburgh, original producer Eric Klinger has painstakingly edited and remixed the album to make it sound 100 times better than the original.

Track Listing:

1. Intro/Talk Is Cheap
2. One More War
3. $
4. Blood Brothers
5. Pray For Peace
6. One By One
7. My Other Half
8. Room For Hate
9. Judged By Twelve
10. Visionary
11. When Will It End?