Dead City Records


No Redeeming Social Value "Still Drinking!"

Founded in 1988, Queens, NY's No Redeeming Social Value built a name for themselves through an unpredictable live show and beer-soaked, traditional NYHC with humorous lyrics. Adding to the band's legacy are releases for Triple Crown Records and Striving For Togetherness Records, a split with Slumlords, a feature on the legendary NYHC documentary, and tours of Japan, Europe, and the States. This disc also features four bonus audio tracks and three bonus videos.

Track Listing:

1. Pussy Pussy Pussy
2. Beer = Fun
3. Drinking Is Not A Game
4. I Hate Everyone
5. Fuckilleat
6. Blizzow
7. Bad Habits
8. All I Wanna Do (Is Drink Beer)
9. Don't Fuck With My Pooch!
10. The King Is Dead
11. My Life Suxxx
12. Olde-E Fever
13. Still Drinking...
14. Dark Fun Party
15. Anal Cunt Sucks (And They're All Gay)
16. All I Ask
17. Skinheads Rule