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Nite "Darkness Silence Mirror Flame"

On their debut album, "Darkness Silence Mirror Flame," Nite deploys eight searing songs. Razor-sharp guitars, blazing leads, Earth-shattering bass, and punishing drums set the stage for the filthy, vile, and despicable vocals to unfold stories of horror, darkness, and despair. "Darkness Silence Mirror Flame" was recorded by Nite's Van Labrakis at The Hoagie Container and 210 Studios San Francisco, mixed and mastered by Van Labrakis at 210 Studios, produced by Van Labrakis and Nite, and completed with cover artwork by Misanthropic Arts. 2xLP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Genesis
2. The Way
3. Lucifer
4. Ezelia
5. Night Terrors
6. Chains
7. Bright
8. Acolytes