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Never Enough "Dead Set on Destruction"

Never Enough are instigating a war against all that they see wrong with the punk and hardcore scene today. Agree with their views or not, they will get you thinking. This CD is a collection of their 7"s a live radio set, and their demo. For fans of Nausea, Youth of Today, and Poison Idea.

Track Listing:

1. Give Me Oblivion
2. Quit This
3. Empty Reaction
4. Constricted
5. An Interlude
6. An Abyss
7. Your Adversary
8. Husks
9. Our Will Be Done
10. Progression Through Distortion
11. Lowest Common Denominator
12. Passed On
13. Your Adversary (live)
14. Husks (live)
15. Our Will Be Done (live)
16. Progression Through Distortion (live)
17. Just To Get Away (live)
18. One In A Million (live)
19. Lowest Common Denominator (live)
20. Passed On (live)
21. Bloodstains (live)
22. One In A Million
23. Our Younger Selves
24. Perfect Truth
25. Passed On
26. Last Fall
27. Progression Through Distortion