Taang! Records


Negative Approach "Nothing Will Stand In Our Way"

This collects demos, live tracks and outtakes from between 1981 and 1982 totaling 53 songs total including their first known recording, their first show, the Clubhouse demo, a set from the Mudd Club in 1982, outtakes from the first EP and live at the Freezer Theater. Now available on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Pressure
2. Ring Ring Ring
3. Fashionable Idiots
4. You Don't Know
5. Fashionable Idiots (live)
6. Chaos (live)
7. No Doubt About It (live)
8. Pressure (live)
9. I Don't Want It (live)
10. Sick Of Talk (live)
11. Lost Cause (live)
12. Negative Approach (live)
13. Ready To Fight (demo)
14. Pressure (demo)
15. Fashionable Idiots (demo)
16. Sick Of Talk (demo)
17. Negative Approach (demo)
18. D.A.B.F. (demo)
19. Genocide (demo)
20. No Doubt About It (demo)
21. Lost Cause (demo)
22. Ready To Fight (alternate version) (demo)
23. Pressure (alternate version) (demo)
24. Can't Tell No One (live)
25. Friend Or Foe (live)
26. Live Your Life (live)
27. Pressure (live)
28. Fair Warning (live)
29. Sick Of Talk (live)
30. Whatev