Puke N Vomit Records


Nabat "1981 Laida Bologna Demo"


Puke N Vomit is pleased to bring you this rare gem from legendary Italian oi band Nabat. A recently discovered demo from 1981, long thought lost; the tape shows the lads rocking out with a slightly different sound: a bit rawer and less hard, with a bit more fun in the mix. This maybe the earliest known recordings from a band that would go on to help define punk and oi in Italy.

Track Listing:

1. Intro-Live
2. No Arm
3. Nichilistaggio
4. Asociale Oi!
5. Potti I Poseurs
6. Laida Fat Bologna
7. Fuck Religion
8. Nichilist Nabat
9. Della Tarchiatezza
10. Anarchia Sullo Stato
11. Antistalin
12. Kill Police
13. Kill Komeini
14. 1980