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Murderer's Row "Beer Fueled Mayhem"

Murderer's Row is not a band; it is a group of musicians in the true meaning of the word. They mix basic sounds of punk rock and oi (think The Business or 4 Skins) along with sounds from the metal realm comparable to Motorhead and Iron Maiden all topped even with a dash of Irish folk here and there. "Beer Fueled Mayhem" is eleven tracks of fresh brewed drunken rock 'n' roll anthems with special guest vocals by Jimmy Gestapo of Murphy's Law.

Track Listing:

1. Barbrawl
2. Irish Car Bomb
3. Street Punk
4. Dear Mr. Music Critic
5. Foe
6. Crazy, Sick, Psychotic
7. Manitoba's
8. My Heart Is A Clenched Fist
9. One More For The Road
10. Gimmee The Money
11. Ragnarok