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Most Precious Blood "Our Lady Of Annihilation"


New to Most Precious Blood is vocalist Rob Fusco (One King Down). Rob's delivery is pure unbridled ferocity, as if every single word might be his last. Rob spits out every last bitter nail like he was hammering his way out ofhis own coffin. Needless to say, Rob's passionate desperation is a perfect fit for Most Precious Blood and "Our Lady of Annihilation". MPB's patron saint of detonation relates to the bands' personal lives and a tragic chain of events that's left them certain that we are here all alone; there is no one in the sky watching over us. But MPB does not submit, they will not bow to misery and self-pity.

Track Listing:

1. The Great Red Shift
2. Collusionist
3. Quiet Pattern
4. Growing Square Eyes
5. Your Picture Hung Itself
6. Funeral Photography
7. Life During Wartime
8. Why Hyenas Laugh
9. So Typical My Heart
10. It Runs In The Blood
11. Closure