Bitter Melody Records


Most Precious Blood "Merciless"

No one means more to New York City than Most Precious Blood and nothing is more important to Most Precious Blood than being from New York City. This band is carrying Gotham City hardcore into the next generation. From their lyrics and music straight down to their stark, black and white aesthetics, you know where Most Precious Blood is from and where they stand. Now available on cassette. Cassette includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Shark Ethic
2. Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves
3. Driving Angry
4. Damage Control Freak
5. Mad As The March Hare
6. Type A Personality
7. Oxygen Debt
8. Diet For A New America
9. Curse Of The Immortal
10. World War You
11. Narcoleptc Sleepwalker
12. A World Without Music
13. Temporary Solution To A Permanent Problem
14. Aimed Carefully, Fired Relentlessly (bonus track)