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More To Pride "This Is Life"

Forged in the grit and grime of Los Angeles County, MORE TO PRIDE brings to you a tale of anger, frustration, and everyday struggle. Following in the footsteps of their recent Los Angeles hardcore predecessors, MORE TO PRIDE pulls influence from the speed and intensity of INTERNAL AFFAIRS, the anger and spirit of CARRY ON, and mixes it with the east coast influence of FLOORPUNCH and earlier NO WARNING. Amongst all of this lies an unparalleled vocal delivery bursting with anger over the frustration of everyday life and the struggle to stay alive in an environment that is trying to beat them down.

Track Listing:

1. This Is Life
2. Jack Move
3. My True Friends
4. Too Many Times
5. Can
6. Keep Walking
7. R&R Construction
8. Leaving So Soon
9. Shitty Days
10. You