Puke N Vomit Records


Moral Decay "Rebels Without A Cause: 1982 Demo And Comp Tracks"


Puke N Vomit Records brings you another slice of long-forgotten, obscuro Los Angeles, CA, punk; this time around they have rounded up a blistering selection of tracks from the legendary, short-lived Moral Decay. The LP features all their tracks from the sought-after, 1982 compilation "Sudden Death" released on Smoke Seven Records plus unreleased, studio demo tracks from the same period. For fans of TSOL, Hypnotics, Thee Undertakers, Sin 34, The Freeze, Black Flag, and Circle One.

Track Listing:

1. Rebels Without A Cause
2. Limits
3. Backstabbers
4. Collision Course
5. Lost Cause
6. Purposes
7. Last Attack
8. Living A Lie
9. Angel Dust
10. Dark Side
11. Promised Land
12. Watch You Die
13. Face Of Death
14. Drop The Bomb
15. Judgement Day
16. TV News
17. America
18. TV News Ver. 2